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Makka flex :work

Makka flex :work


The CAKE Makka Flex :work is an agile yet robust urban mobility tool and smart configuration platform that moves tools, equipment and gear easily from point A to B. Designed for modularity, it helps increase efficiency in your daily work. The Makka flex :work is the most powerful member of the family, with increased peak power and controller performance, reaching a top speed of 45 km/h / 28 mph.


Type 10A external charger for standard 110V/220V outlets
0-80% 4 hours
0-100% 6hours
Cells Premium 18650 lithium cells
Voltage (nominal) 48V
Capacity 62Ah / 3.0kWh
Features Easily removable, can be charged when installed in bike or separately. Smart charging system. Integrated SoC indicator. Intelligent battery management system with CAN for increased safety and performance optimization.
Type Direct drive
Electric motor Interior permanent magnet motor
Power 3.3kW
Torque (wheel) 60Nm
Type Motorcycle brake system, two piston calipers. Hand levers for both front- and rear brake.
Disc Stainless steel, 220mm diameter
Features EBS - Electronic Braking System to regenerate the braking power into the battery and increase range
Type Single crown, RWU spring fork
Type 260mm shock with adjustable pre-load
Hubs Forged and CNC aluminium hubs
Rims 14"x2.15" lightweight motorcycle rims
Tires 14"x3.00" motorcycle tires
Build 6061 aluminum, extruded, forged, machined, welded and painted.
Material PC/ABS plastic
Material Aerospace grade 7050 aluminium
Width 695mm
Features TFT display with battery SoC, speedometer, odometer, ride mode selection and telltales.
Wheel base 1210mm - 47.5''
Seat height 790mm - 31'' (and can be adjusted easily with a clamp)
Ground clearance 260mm - 10.25''