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Bicycle Sidecar

Bicycle Sidecar

Starting from $1,950


Custom colors also available

Comes with cream or black tires

18" tire and 20" tire options available – frame designs work with 80 percent of bikes produced – email us pictures of your bike for confirmation

Optional rain hood and removable seat available in tan, red and black

Pet eyebolts on each side to attach a dog harness

One or two tandem child seats also available



Wheels between wheels 75 cm (29,5 inches)
Total length 120 cm (47,2 inches)
Maximum load 45 kg (99 Ibs)
Wheel size 20″
Weight as sleigh (Carbon) Approx. 5,9 kg (13 Ibs)
Weight as sleigh (Glassfiber) Approx. 7,9 kg (17,4 Ibs)
Weight of sidecar incl. frame (Carbon) Approx. 9,9 kg (21,8 Ibs)
Weight of sidecar incl. frame (Glassfiber) Approx. 11,9 kg (26,2 Ibs)
Body fiberglass
Frame Steel
Mounting brackets Aluminium
Windscreen Polycarbonate
Seat Imitation leather without softening phthalates
White $1,950
Black $1,950
Red $1,950