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2022 S2 9-SPEED

2022 S2 9-SPEED

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Meet the redesigned classic! The S2 is based on the original S1 step-through design with some thoughtful modifications. With a smaller, more reliable EMtech hub motor, a new 1.5" EMtech LCD control module, and new vibrant color options, the S2 is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

  • Custom engineered hydroformed aluminum frame available in 6 vibrant colours
  • 500W EMtech compact hub motor
  • 1.5" Bluetooth equipped EMtech control module which displays battery life, speed, and assist level
  • ALL-NEW Elby HUD Connect app
  • Fits riders from 5'0" up to 6'4" with minor modifications
  • 48v EMtech battery
  • 4 Levels of electric throttle assist along with a override (turbo boost) throttle Hydraulic disc brakes for safe and precise stopping
  • Premium, puncture resistant 26" Cruise contact tires
  • Swept back handlebards with ergo grips 9-Speed drive chain system
  • Rapid charge within 5 hours Low step-through design for easy mount and dismount
  • Integrated battery providing enhanced stability with lower center of gravity
  • Super bright front and rear LED lights for enhance visibility 1-Year limited warranty, 2 years when registered at purchase.


Malibu Blue