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Anthropologie X Banwood Classic

Anthropologie X Banwood Classic


See this classic bike for kids decorated with a unique midnight print in collaboration with Anthropologie.
A kid's cycle inspired by a vintage Scandinavian design, the Anthropologie bike features a lightweight alloy frame with a child friendly design and off white 16” tires.
The saddle and grips on the handlebar are made of vegan leather and can be height adjustable to grow with your child.
The Anthropologie bike comes with training wheels and has a single speed gear and a secure coaster brake as well as our unique rosewood vintage pedals. The detachable wicker basket in front lets your little one brings their favorite toys along.

  • Lightweight alloy frame decorated in Anthropologie’s Celestial print
  • Back pedal break /security wheels break
  • Front adjustable caliper brake lever suitable for children's hands
  • Banwood rosewood vintage pedal
  • Security wheels brake
  • Front wicker basket
  • Training wheels
  • Kick stand
  • Off white 16” tires
  • Suggested age from 4–7 years
  • Bell
  • Weight: 7,9 kg
  • Banwood brown faux leather saddle and grips in matching colour
  • Wheel reflectors & back reflectors
  • Mudguards and chainguards
  • Singelspeed gear
  • Adjustable saddle
  • Minimum seat height and maximum seat height: 46-57 cm
  • Extra PVC pedals
  • Adjustable handlebar: 66–72 cm