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Four years after the launch of the first Avionics V model, we introduce the new model. If you liked the V1, you will love Avionics Aquilla!

The year 2022 will be the year of the eagle. Four years after the premiere of Avionics V1, we are proud to present another representative of the Avionics family. Uncompromising and even more aggressive, rebellious, and independent.


Range 120 km (75 miles) autonomously
Charging time 2.5 -3 hours
Max. speed 25/45/58 km/h (36 mph)
Street Mode Pedelec or S-Pedelec (Europe), Class 2 (USA)
Off-road Mode 4,000 watt
Engine brushless electric
Engine Power 125 Nm
Battery Lithium-Ion 27.6 Ah (1380 Wh)
Controller Sinewave Controller
Frame Steel /Cr Mo Stell
Brakes HAYES MX Expert
Disc brakes 203mm (8 inch) front and back
Wheels 26 inch
Tires 26×3.0 inch
Saddle Natural leather
Handgrips Natural leather