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Avionics V3 Bespoke

Description :

Taking deposits now. Stop into one of our shops for a test ride. Be prepared to fall in love with this beautiful, made to order ebike. 

From the Manufacturer:

Production time 4-6 months + shipment

Payment terms: 50% upfront +50% before shipment (we will confirm when the bike is ready for dispatch). You will get pictures from production progress on request. This is a bespoke bike and many things can be customized. 

FRAME: The frame is responsible not only for the line and style, but also for safety and comfort. From the very beginning we knew what we wanted: an amazing effect! AVIONICS is made to enchant.Our goal was to create something different from any other e-bike in the world. The one you cannot miss out on.We were hungry for power and reliability. A one-of-a-kind frame was the answer. It would accommodate the controller and battery but still maintain a unique design.

THE EFFECT: The transparent, light skeletal construction is surmounted with a leaf spring. This line combines aeronautical streamlining with daring sportiveness.We decided to connect chrome steel with stainless steel. This combination seems to be heavier than aluminum or composite, but provides undisturbed confidence. Flexible steel wipes out vibrations to make you think of an easy flight.All the frame pipes (except the main one) are bent in three dimensions. This turned out to be a huge challenge. It was not easy to find craftsmen who would be skilled enough to make it. Eventually we brought it to life!All the frame seams are perfectly polished up so they are invisible. We chose deep black matte paint. After adding anodized and oiled components we achieved a stark and knobby effect.

LEAF SPRING: The whole frame is made to be safe. Material strength and the gauge of the pipes bring our e-bike close to a motorcycle.
The battery operating mode “Force” lets AVIONICS attain speeds of 60 km/h (37 mph). The firm frame and saddle springs assure comfort and safety.
This is what will distinguish us from other players.The AVIONICS spring looks like an aerofoil and hangs on the front of the frame head. It is made of manually polished stainless steel completed with a wooden saddle. Two springs under a comfortable saddle ensure high quality of driving. The design offers sufficient proof of its extraordinariness to satisfy any skeptic.

Range    120 km (75 miles) autonomously

Charging time 2.5 -3 hours

Max. speed 25/45/55 km/h (34 mph)

Street Mode Pedelec or S-Pedelec (Europe), Class 2 (USA)

Off-road Mode 4,000 watt

Engine    brushless electric

Engine Power    125 Nm

Battery Lithium-Ion 27.6 Ah (1380 Wh)

Controller Sinewave Controller

Recuperation    Brake energy recuperation

Frame    Steel /Cr Mo Stell

Brakes    HAYES MX Expert

Disc brakes 203mm (8 inch) front and back

Wheels 26 inch

Tires 26×3.0 inch

Saddle    Wooden from Jatoba

Handgrips Wooden grips from Jatoba


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Avionics V3 Bespoke

Price: $14,000
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