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Vintage Electric Shelby Limited Edition 72V Performance Line

$7,249 Price: $5,749
Shelby Blue with Black Racing Stripes
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Vintage Electric Shelby Limited Edition 72V Performance Line


Introducing our all new 72v Performance Line. Insane power for the same price. 

With 3x the torque, 4000 watt drivetrain, 40mph top speed, and 3 hour charge time the game has just been changed… 

We went back to the drawing board to cut our 5-30 mph acceleration times in half. But we didn't stop there. The new 72v Roadster, Scrambler, And Shelby offer full speed runs up 15-20% grade hills. While the timeless lines haven’t changed… The power certainly has.

20 / 40* Top Speed 

40-75 MILES Per Charge 

750 / 4000* Watt Drivetrain

COBRA-LIKE POWER With Shelby perfected performance setting the bar, enjoy full-throttle racing speeds up to a remarkable 40mph.* The rear-hub motor—despite its cobra-striking power—is reading-room quiet, powered by our re-engineered 72 volt 1123 watt-hour battery that’ll take you up to 75 miles when fully charged. Charging takes only 3 hours, long enough to catch up on plenty of classic Shelby racing video clips! *Private property only

72 VOLT PERFORMANCEWith 3x the torque, 40mph top speed, and up to 4,000 Watts of power in race mode. The game has just been changed.

DETERMINED DESIGNAn intelligent vintage beauty echoing iconic Shelby designs of yesteryear or a cold-cast flayer of lessers not worthy? With the Shelby you get both: exquisite design aesthetics (marvel at the hydroformed aluminum frame and all-over artful touches—just take a look at the picture’s-worth-a-1000-words beauty shots!) and designed-to-deliver detail (stabilizing front suspension, retro-chic LED headlamp and much more).


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