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Vintage Electric Scrambler 72V Performance Line

$6,995 Price: $4,995
Stealth Black
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Vintage Electric Scrambler 72V Performance Line


Introducing our all new 72v Performance Line. Insane power for the same price. 

With 3x the torque, 4000 watt drivetrain, 40mph top speed, and 3 hour charge time the game has just been changed… 

We went back to the drawing board to cut our 5-30 mph acceleration times in half. But we didn't stop there. The new 72v Roadster, Scrambler, And Shelby offer full speed runs up 15-20% grade hills. While the timeless lines haven’t changed… The power certainly has.

These bikes are in stock and ready to ship. You can also pick up fully assembled from one of our four stores. 

20 / 40* Top Speed

40-75 MILES Per Charge

750 / 4000* Watt Drivetrain

DUAL-SPORT ACTION Whether on blacktop or gravel roads, the Scrambler is poised for performance and everything you need is readily available. On-demand acceleration is delivered via human power, or with a flick of the thumb throttle. Five power modes are available providing as much or as little help as you need. The Scrambler’s powerful regenerative hydraulic disc brakes slow it down under virtually any condition, while simultaneously returning power to the battery.

72 VOLT PERFORMANCE With 3x the torque, 40mph top speed, and up to 4,000 Watts of power in race mode. The game has just been changed.

BUILT TO LAST We want our electric bikes to stay on the road for a lifetime, just like any other classic vehicle. That’s why every weld, stitch, nut & bolt has been meticulously, thoughtfully & painstakingly considered before it has been assembled.


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