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Designed in London for cyclists everywhere

Hill & Ellis was founded in 2012 after a long fruitless search for a stylish bike bag. With nothing to be found on the market, founder Catherine decided to solve the problem and started up a company dedicated to making bike bags that work for the cyclists' destination as well as their journey.

Handmade in England

In 2014 Hill & Ellis launched their British Made collection, which is 100% made in the UK.

Hill & Ellis carefully sourced a manufacturing company which has decades of experience in producing luxury bags so we could make some of the finest bike bags on the market in Britain.  Based in Hackney, East London the craftsmen and women hand cut the leather, hand stamp the logo, stitch, rivet and finish every bag. So the craftsmanship shines through in the quality of the bag. Hill & Ellis are very proud of our Made in England range. 

To compliment the production, we also source the materials as close to home as possible to reduce its effect on the environment. The hooks are from Germany, the leather from tanneries in Holland, the buckles are all plated in Northampton and the waterproof covers are made in Dorset.

Hill & Ellis are now working on their second collection of bike bags made in canvas which will also be made in England and available very soon. Sign up to our mailing list to keep up to date with our latest news. 

Perfectly designed for bikes

Designed by cyclists who know the ride as much as you do, these bags truly are made for the bike, so as well as looking great, every aspect of their design has been thought out with the cyclist in mind. 

Patented pannier clips

All Hill & Ellis's panniers have pannier clips which attach seamlessly to the bike. They search high and low for the best pannier clips around. Many of their bike bags now come with spring-loaded pannier clips which adapt to any pannier rack from 6mm-16mm in diameter.  They also have a security tab which firmly secures the bag on the bike. Hill & Ellis's other bags come with dutch style clips which easily attach to pannier racks from 8-12mm in diameter and use the weight of the bag to secure it on the bike. 

When the hooks are not in use, they can be hidden away under a leather zip or popper pocket, making the bag comfortable when worn on the shoulder. 

Nylon waterproof cover

They're designed by Londoners so they know about rain! All the bike bags come with a waterproof rain cover to protect the bag on the bike. Made in durable ripstop nylon, they have an elasticated opening so they can be scooped around the bag, covering the leather and exposing the hooks so they then be clipped on to the bike and ridden in the rain. The cover comes with reflective features to improve your visibility at night. 

Reflective detailing

All Hill & Ellis's bags have reversible reflective detailing built into the design. As they are reversible they can be hidden in the day and then turned around at night to reveal the reflective material and improving your visibility on the road. 

Adjustable shoulder strap

Once off the bike, they have been designed to be carried in comfort, therefore the hooks can be tidied away and the bags come with an adaptable shoulder strap or longer handles so they can be worn on the shoulder. 

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